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At Cyntax Inc., our mission is straightforward: to revolutionize development by providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital era. We're dedicated to cultivating a future where technology seamlessly converges with creativity and efficiency; catalyzing unprecedented success through the synergies of GitOps, DevOps, and AI.

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Disruptive Development

Cyntax Inc. revolutionizes software development through intuitive UI/UX, robust frameworks, and advanced GitOps, DevOps, and security features.


Intuitive Design

Craft user interfaces with a focus on user experience, ensuring intuitive and engaging interactions that elevate the overall usability of our applications.


Innovative Solutions

Drive innovation through advanced frameworks, delivering visually appealing and responsive apps that captivate users.


Robust Infrastructure

Develop powerful and scalable back-end infrastructure, providing the foundation for seamless data management & processing.


GitOps Integration

Streamline version control, ensuring a collaborative and efficient development effort. Enhance transparency, traceability, accountability and collaboration within dev teams.


DevOps Optimization

Optimize the entire software development lifecycle from continuous integration to continuous deployment, ensuring faster delivery, reduced errors, and enhanced collaboration.


Security Monitoring

Prioritize security at every level from development to deployment. Proactive security monitoring, threat detection, and compliance adherence are integral components of our process.

SaaS Optimize your Stack

A Comprehensive SaaS Solution Stack

Implement an integrated software suite that optimizes processes and automates workflows for unparalleled efficiency.


Reliable & Scalable

Dependable Solutions Empowering Global Innovation.


Fully Customizable

Craft Your Perfect Tech Stack with Us.

Launch Your SaaS Fast

Packed with All Essential Integrations

Our solutions offer seamless plug-and-play integrations for databases and processing, effortlessly syncing with virtual cloud solutions. Streamline your workflow with our intuitive system, allowing you to focus on innovation rather than integration complexities.

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We Create Clean User Interfaces.

Crafted with precision and elegance, our UI/UX design ensures seamless navigation and a delightful user experience.

Our intuitive UI/UX design guarantees effortless interaction and captivating aesthetics for every user journey.


Trusted by Companies Globally.

Cyntax Inc. has earned trust through a commitment to reliability and security, ensuring that every interaction is safeguarded with the highest standards.


World Wide Clients


Revenue Generated


Projects Completed


Flexible Tech Stack Solutions, Anywhere, Anytime.

Unlock the potential of your projects with our swapable tech stack, seamlessly integrating cloud services, DevOps solutions, and cutting-edge web app development tools.


Increase Your Productivity Today

Whether you need to create a new application, refine your DevOps deployments for seamless operations or create a new hosting environment; we have the skills to take your company to the next level.


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We specialize in both front-end and back-end development using JavaScript, Go, and Python. Whether you need a sleek user interface or robust server-side functionality, our team has you covered.


Client’s Testimonials

We take pride in delivering exceptional service and value, and we're thrilled to share the positive feedback we've received. Join the ranks of happy clients and experience the difference today.

John Ling

Founder @LinvestUS

John Ling

I had the pleasure of spending a business trip with one of the lead engineers at Cyntax Inc. They made me confortable with their process and helped migrate my website to a more modern theme for my business. Associates and clients began noticing right away and my site has a ton of traffic now with improved SEO.

Michael Stokes

Operations Manager @OldSouthTrade

Michael Stokes

We were paying $100,000 a month in google ads and could not get any traffic on our e-commerce site. After contracting Cyntax Inc., not only did our site traffic grow, but we did $1.5 million in business within the first 90 days. By the end of the year, 7 months later, we had generated over $7 million in online retail sales.

Taylor Hayes

Owner @HayesRoofingSC

Taylor Hayes

We approached Cyntax Inc. when we first started our company. Within 6 months, we were a top searched roofing company on google and our business doubled almost over night. They created a beautiful website that advertised our company well and helped use become a top 3 operator in our region.

Reggie Pryor

Owner @LakeBowenAppliance

Reggie Pryor

When we first started our appliance store, we got a lot of business through Facebook. Once we launched our website with Cyntax Inc., we began getting business from all over the internet. We had a noticeable increase in foot traffic referencing the site after improving creating our site and updating our SEO.

Paul Oliver

Owner @OliverGrading

Paul Oliver

I needed representation online to help grow my business. I reached out to the developers at Cyntax Inc. and they created a website for me that fit my business but was also affordable for a start-up company. Highly recommend for any business.