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InfluxDB - a platform for builders

Built in the cloud for performance and efficiency.

Cyntax is a full service provider

Cyntax empowers businesses to build IoT, analytics and monitoring tools for enterprise solutions. We develop custom-built software and procedures to handle large volumes and countless sources of data produced by tools, applications and infrastructure.


Built For Scalability

Engineered for growth with enterprise-level security, allowing solutions to deploy anywhere: edge, cloud, on-prem.

Time Series Modeling

Our applications process metrics, events and logs at a high-performing rate while ingesting millions of data points per second.

Real Time Dashboards

Perform analytics to get faster detection and resolution, or set up alerts for anomaly detection with a simple click.

Powerful APIs and Tools

Customers use Cyntax to build their applications with less effort, less code, and less configuration. We provide custom solutions that feel like out of the box products, designed for your company and brand.

Unrestricted developer productivity

We have client and server libraries in everything from React, JavaScript and Go to Java, Python and more.

Get a head-start with templates

Ask about our inspiring templates for every use case. Easy to customize and create what’s right for you.

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Why businesses love using Cyntax

Don't Start From Scratch

Building tools from the ground up takes a significant amount of time and effort to launch products which becomes a burden on a project. With our partner solutions, we customize and repurpose existing applications, tools and dashboards to get our clients up and running.

Vibrant Quality

Our User Interface and User Experience design complements our client's branding efforts to maximize appeal, reach and revenue. We start with the UI and look under the hood to access raw code and APIs. We collaborate with teammates to configure time series apps.

Powerful Pipelines

Streamline your workflow with multiple integrations and plugins for Telegraf, Grafana, Google Data Studio, or data sources like Google Bigtable. Our solutions lay out streamlined procedures with automation for security, scalability and reliability.

Streamline your workflow with powerful integrations

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